BID & WIN ! MILLE407 led Alsaceteam and Alsaceterminal to success in the Ports Mulhouse-Rhin !

BID & WIN ! MILLE407 led Alsaceteam, composed of Swissterminal AG, the Grand Port Maritime de Marseille and the Grand Port Fluvio-Maritime de l’Axe Seine and Alsaceterminal, a 100% subsidiary of Swissterminal AG to success in the concession tender for the Ports of Mulhouse-Rhin. 

The consortium was awarded the contract and created Alsaceteam SAS. As the winning economic operator, Alsaceteam became a shareholder of SEMOP Euro Rhein Ports, the entity holding the concession agreement for the operation of the ports of Mulhouse-Rhin. The operation of the port and rail terminals is granted to Alsaceterminal SAS, under a sub-delegation agreement.

MILLE407 will pursue its commitment aside Swissterminal in this new framework. Matthieu Desiderio, founder of MILLE407, takes the management of Alsaceteam and is appointed administrator of the SEMOP Euro Rhein Ports.

With this success, MILLE407 confirms its will to establish long term partnerships with its clients and to accompany public and private businesses from the genesis to the operational phases of their projects.

Ports de Mulhouse-Rhin

About MILLE407

Created in 2016 by Matthieu Desiderio, MILLE407 accumulates the 35 years of experience of its two associates to realize customized consulting services. MILLE407 offers its clients expertise and strategic consulting services: MILLE407 ensures the management of complex projects in the fields of transport and infrastructures. MILLE407 accompanies its clients throughout the duration of their projects: from the upstream phases to support the reflections and elaborate the strategies, to the implementation phases and even beyond. In order to carry out the projects of its customers, MILLE407 ensures the link between multiple actors: sectorial experts and research departments, partners and customers, public and private structures, companies and administrations, etc. MILLE407 has a large network of partners specialized in other sectors to offer a complete range of services to its customers. MILLE407 knows how to answer to the needs of the leaders in extremely restricted delays and in emergency situations.

Contact : Matthieu Desiderio, +33 6 33 65 37 25,


Founder of MILLE47 SAS

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