ALCENYX•® Crisis and emergency response management and anticipation by MILLE407

ALCENYX•® Serious Games –

Your procedures are ideal. Your crisis plan has been tested. Your situation is under control. Anything can happen, you will be able to cope.

So why not try a scenario? With ALCENYX•® Serious Games, test your employees, your teams and take up the challenge yourself.

ALCENYX•® Serious Games, it is a wide range of exercise scenarios that we adapt to your business to push you to your limits and assess your ability to really respond to the real crisis, when it occurs.

ALCENYX•® Crisis Manager –

With ALCENYX•® Crisis Manager, we offer your company the possibility of having an organized database of your crisis procedures. Our service allows you to develop your procedures online, update them, assign them by department or employee, track different versions of editions, etc.

Your company has a secure area on our ALCENYX•® Crisis Manager platform from which all your crisis procedures are accessible at any time and from any medium (smartphone, tablet, computer).

Have you lost everything (internet access, computer rooms and servers, paper documents, etc.)? We edit for you your crisis manual and your procedures from our platform and send them to you by any means *. With ALCENYX•® Crisis Manager, you are no longer alone!

ALCENYX•® is a full range of services for crisis and emergency response management and anticipation by MILLE407


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For crisis and emergency response management and anticipation, MILLE407 partners with HOLIS – CIM

Matthieu DESIDERIO, MILLE407 founder, also is a Team Member with Kenyon International Emergency Services

Kenyon Team Member

*Services subject to conditions and pricing.

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