The MILLE407 team is growing! 

Ugur ILERI joined MILLE407 team in May 2022. Based in Turkey, Ugur has been responsible for IT operations in several large international groups in Adana, Bolu, Mardin, Unye, Denizli, Darıca, Caycuma, Ankara, Istanbul, in Ivory Coast, in Cameroon, and the Netherlands. His experience includes working in the port sector for DP World Group, in the construction sector for OYAK Çimento Beton Kağıt, in the automotive industry for Ford and in aeronautics for Kale Pratt & Whitney.

Ugur will be in charge of the development of IT activities within MILLE407 and will deploy our “IT & Systems projects management” offer in our preferred areas of intervention: infrastructure, transport services and energy, and especially in the port and maritime sector.

Since his arrival, he has been assisting our clients in the maritime and port industry in the deployment of operating and monitoring software, in the management of their procedures and in the organisation of their IT and support services.

MILLE407 remains attentive to your needs in these fields!

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