Our Services: #13 Crisis Management

💡Our Goal: Help you understand and anticipate crisis situations

🆘 All along the process, we are here to help you avoid and manage crisis situations:

  • We intervene for the roll out of procedures, performing drills, and support you in a real crisis situation.
  • We work in partnership with external experts, specialised in crisis management, for the implementation of digital solutions for crisis management and business continuity planning.
  • We carry out audits of your organisation to assess your ability to cope with crises.
  • We set up methods and processes/procedures to help you manage crises, train your teams, particularly at the executive level, to develop crisis culture within your company.
  • We organise and lead crisis management training followed by feedback sessions to then implement corrective action plan.

🗂 Our actions:

  • PortSynergy Projects: implementation of crisis management plan
  • ASL Airlines: implementation of crisis management tools
  • Wamos and FrenchBee: crisis management exercises

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