Our Services: #12 Training

💡Our goal: Take your teams to the next level

🧑🏻‍🏫 Our experienced team is here to help you grow:

  • In our targeted sectors, we carry out tailor-made training sessions for your staff, your customers and your users in various fields: transport economics, handling, safety, security, crisis management, general management, customer relationship, etc.
  • We know how to handle training on a large scale and within very tight deadlines to meet specific needs (start-up of new operations, post-accident corrective measures, etc.).
  • We work in companies, schools, universities and training centres.
  • Together we study your needs and define a tailored training programme. We develop training materials and content. We organise the sessions and plan the participation of candidates, lead the training sessions,  track participation.

🗂 Our actions:

  • EUROFOS: safety training for road hauliers
  • University of La Rochelle: development of a training programme in port and maritime economics
  • CAD / PAO training via our sister company LR3D Concept
  • Set up of a Learning Expedition in Singapore on the themes of logistics and innovation

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