Our Services: #11 Performance optimisation

Our goal: Maximise the operational efficiency of the company 💡

👍 We are here to support your teams and help them work more efficiently:

  • We support your operations and maintenance teams to focus directly on the components of organisational or operational performance.
  • We develop the performance culture within the company and establish the principles of continuous improvement: strategies, tools and behaviours to optimise productivity and growth.
  • We participate in the development of human capital: improvement of skills and resources.
  • Thanks to our “High Performance” service, we unite your team around processes, key indicators and your expectations: your teams are aware of their capacity and prioritise workloads and improvement projects; they identify flaws and document elements that  hinder performance; they focus on the feedback necessary for continuous improvement.
  • Activities without added value are a thing of the past! 🗑

🗂 Our actions:

  • EUROFOS: LEAN project, Optimisation of productivity, improvement of equipment availability and maintenance efficiency
  • French port authority: performance diagnostic of project management activities


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