Our Services: #10 Procurement and supply chain

💡Our goal: Transform your supply chain

💶 With us by your side, we optimise your supply chain and purchasing process:

  • We convert supply chains into a competitive advantage: deployment of purchasing strategies, optimisation of equipment design and its life cycle, etc.
  • We review the purchasing processes and optimise your capital renewal/replacement expendature to adjust your budgets and business plans.
  • We perform “life cycle cost analysis” of equipment to reduce your overall cost of ownership (Life Cycle Cost, LCC). 📊
  • From tender to commissioning, we provide strategic support for equipment procurement.
  • We assist you in planning your purchasing and train your teams in sustainable asset management.
  • We assist you in negotiating and optimising prices, managing price risks, and pooling volumes.


🗂 Our actions:

  • PortSynergy Projects: specification and acquisition of port handling equipment
  • PortSynergy Projects: Reduction of procurement costs, design and negotiation of innovative partnerships with suppliers
  • Swissterminal AG: hire of railway equipment
  • French port authorities: diagnostic of the Purchasing and Markets function

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