Our Services: #8 Technical & operational expertise

💡 Our offer: Providing you with an external perspective and an expert opinion

🌐 With the combined experiences of our team members and our efficient partners:

  • We bring our sectoral expertise to private companies (funds, project companies, design offices, consulting firms, etc.) and to public structures (communities, infrastructure managers, etc.).
  • We carry out operational and technical appraisals in situ and counter-expertise of design office products. We carry out reviews, provide critical commentary and summarise documents and highlight sensitive subjects. 📑
  • We bring our vision and our independent expertise on technical matters to inform decisions.
  • We provide a network of independent experts to complete our service offering with a wide range of specialities.
  • We carry out detailed market studies, feasibility studies, design studies, business plans, and technical benchmarks to assist you in your decision-making process. 📈


🗂 Our actions:

  • CNR: study on river accidents
  • Arise Mauritania: Benchmark on X-ray scanners
  • SCE Environnement: counter-expertise for port technical studies
  • CNR: analysis of multimodal rail solutions

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