Our services: #3 Due Diligence

💡Our expertise: Pertinent audits to achieve more reliable analysis

🖊📓 We carry out your audits and we assist you in the various processes, in France and internationally, in French or in English 🇫🇷🇺🇸

  • We assist buyers in the process of site audits with a view to acquiring infrastructure or public concessions.
  • We carry out documentary analysis relating to infrastructures, superstructures, equipment.
  • We review business plans and challenge assumptions. 📊
  • We carry out contractual analysis in partnership with legal experts from our network.
  • We analyze development programs and propose master plans adapted to future needs.
  • We analyze operations, IT, engineering and maintenance to anticipate future developments and their optimization.
  • 👷🏼 We conduct on-site investigations of all relevant components in order to refine our analysis and produce the most accurate reports.

🗂 Our actions:

  • Confidential client: due diligence for a port on the Black Sea
  • Confidential client: due diligence for a port on the Baltic Sea
  • Swissterminal/Alsaceteam/Alsaceterminal: management of a financial, fiscal and legal Due Diligence as part of a call for tenders for concessions




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