Our Services: #1 Strategic consulting

💡 Our expertise: Inform your decisions and deliver solutions

📒 With our detailed understanding of business, technical and financial issues, we can help you on all aspects of the strategic process:

  • We assist leaders in their strategic thinking process and in the implementation of their action plans.
  • We work closely with decision-makers to build realistic and achievable strategies
  • We share the requirements and objectives of our clients.
  • We develop and pilot high-level, participatory and inclusive brainstorming sessions to promote support and generate innovative ideas and solutions.
  • We condense the vision of leaders and bring additional external perspectives combining strategy, operational and technical know-how.
  • We help strengthen the operational, technical, social and environmental competitiveness of companies.

🗂 Our actions:

  • Unim : White Paper authoring
  • Port authorities: development of strategic plans
  • Port of Dakar 🇸🇳: creation of the master plan for development
  • Port of Marseille 🇫🇷: prospective studies and sectors’ development

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